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Ohio Genealogy & Historical Publications,
Civil War & More
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Pike County, Ohio

Pike County Commissioners' Records 1815-1821 Montrose, 2005 Earliest records of the workings of the county such as building public buildings, roads, bridges, etc who provided services to county & amt. paid, inquests held, costs of court cases & more. Indexed. $28.00

Pike County Commissioners' Records 1822-1827 $28.00

Pike County Commissioners' Records 1828-1832 $28.00

Pike County Commissioners' Records 1833-1835 $28.00

Pike County Commissioners' Records 1836 through Jan. 1839 $28.00

Pike County Commissioners' Records Dec. 1841 through Dec. 1847 $28.00

Pike County Commissioners' Records 1848-1854 $28.00

Pike County Commissioners' Records 1855-1860 $28.00

Beaver Twp. Pike Co. Oh. Township Proceedings 1919-1927 Montrose 2004 Records of the proceedings of the Twp. Trustees $25.00

Beaver Twp. Pike Co. Oh. Township Proceedings 1928-1936 $25.00

Marion Twp. Pike Co. Oh. Township Proceedings 1909-1916 Montrose, 2004 Transcription of the proceedings of the Twp. Trustees i.e. listings of people who were paid for services or items provided to/for Twp., i.e. road & bridges repaired & built etc. Indexed $25.00

Marion Twp. Pike Co. Oh. Township Proceedings 1917-1927 $25.00

Marion Twp. Pike Co. Oh. Township Proceedings 1928-1937 $25.00

Jurors of Pike County. Oh. 1815-1838 $32.00

Morgan's Raid Sketches from the Waverly Oh. Watchman. 1887 $16.00

Scioto County, Ohio

Early Court Records of Scioto Co. Oh. Vol. 1 Caryn Shoemaker, C.G.R.S.-1979. Reprint 2004 Scioto Co. marriage, death, naturalization guardianship records and will abstracts. Indexed $28.00

Early Court Records of Scioto Co. Oh. Vol. 2 Caryn Shoemaker, C.G.R.S.-1984. Reprint 2004 123 pgs.- Guardianships 1850-1900, Minister's license 1833-77, Taxpayers 1809-20, Supreme Ct. Records. 1819-20, Supreme Ct. Jurors 1811-20, Chancery Rec. Supreme Ct. 1821-47, Chancery Rec. 1839-45, Divorce cases before 1851, & more. Indexed. $28.00

Tombstone Inscriptions. Scioto Co. Oh. (Vol. 10) Niles Twp. Caryn Shoemaker, C.G.R.S. - 1984 Reprint 2004 Indexed $23.00 Newly avail.

Van Wert County, Ohio

Willshire Herald. Newspaper Extracts 1905-1909 Kathryn Case Moore. 2005. Extracts of genealogical & historical items from this rare n.w. Ohio newspaper collection which covers both Ohio & Indiana families. Wilishire is situated on St. Rt. 33 at the Mercer Co. -Van Wert Co. Ohio line. $30.00

Wilishire Herald. Newspaper Extracts 1910-1914 (continuation of above) $30.00 New in 2007

Wilishire Herald. Newspaper Extracts 1915-1919 (continuation of above) $30.00 New in 2009

Washington County, Ohio

Marietta. Washington Co. Oh.. Genealogical Abstracts Vol. I Immel & Montrose. 2004. Genealogy items abstracted from the Marietta, Oh. newspapers: Daily News May 5, 1883-June 2, 1883, Register Jan. 2. 1895-Jan. 15, 1895, Weekly Register Jan. 2, 1896-Mar. 26, 1896 & Daily Register Jan. 8, 1896-19 Feb. 1896 $23.00

Washington Co. Ohio. A Topographical Description, (1834) Delafield 1834 republished by C. Montrose 2004 Includes a 1834 sketch of Fort Harmar. $ 8.00

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